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Deliver user delight. Often.

A simple greeting goes a long way in making someone's day. A small courtesy such as holding the door or even just a smile can lift up spirits. It's the simple things that add up to great experiences, and we focus on just that for your business.

Our User Experience Design capabilities help align product and service journeys with ideal customer profile (ICP) needs and motivations. From Prototype to Minimum Viable Product to Product Market Fit(?) and beyond, we build conversation led experiences that matter.

Align Your Tech Expertise with Genuine User Needs

You're a visionary founder with a knack for groundbreaking technology and stellar features. But let's face it—technical prowess alone doesn't guarantee business success. The missing link? Understanding and meeting User Needs.
We're here to help validate those needs at the earliest stage of your entrepreneurial journey, ensuring your venture not only grows but also sidesteps expensive market missteps.

User Research

Methodologies to discover your Ideal Customer and/or needs quickly,

User Stories

Connecting the dots for each user type and role by their unique journey.

User Need Analysis

Prioritize the right features for the market/customer you aim to service.

Go to Market

Identify and Design impactful experiences relevant to your target channels

User Interaction Analysis

Track user behaviour on an ongoing basis to manage changes efficiently.

Product Roadmap

Stategic inputs to keep your long-term product goals aligned with the market

Are you ready for the big stage?

Get to know if your product is primed to wow your audience. Get a complimentary obligation-free quick analysis of your startup from our experts.

Goal oriented experiences that work

It's time to walk in your user's shoes. Design and deliver the best journey for every user with world class experts in user research, need analysis and feedback led product experience design.

User Reach

Conversations for lead generation; Communicate with impact across websites, social media, email & chat

User Engagement

Proactive and reactive conversation journeys to retain, train and grow your end users

User Support

Conversations for efficient contact centers, product help, agent led workflows and ITSM

Product Journeys

Conversations for intuitive product experiences; starting up, guidance, training, referral led growth and loyalty

Escalations and Handoffs

Conversations to effectively manage process, data, API and user initiated escalation

Omni-channel and Multimodal

Conversations to engage users across multiple modes and channels; text, voice, email, social, and more

sansReaLm who?

A motley of founders, designers and technologists with the ambition to build great experiences across every realm. We believe that the core principles of creating functional and endearing experiences for us Humans remain consistent, regardless of the realm we work in. Hence the name 'sans'ReaLm.

Ours is a team of dreamers, innovators, design thinkers, data nerds and experimenters who dare to push at the boundaries so as to think beyond the box. We have a combined experience of more than 50 years across media, engineering, AI, SAAS, B2B, B2C products and application experience design and strategy. Above all, we are squarely on the side of the founder, looking for your ideal user to enable your vision for the market.

Founder Mindset
User First : Call it as we see it
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The UX of conversation design handbook

A quick reference for building great conversations for your business with ai/automation. Quick tips on how to lead with user need, deliver on user expectation.

Method to the Madness

We have developed unique ux frameworks to discover key insights suited to your business success. Namely, where your users are, what they need, how they want it and the WHY.

work plan

Stakeholder Interviews

A process that helps us understand you and your business needs. Simply put, You will tell us all about the 'Why'...


User Interviews

This is where we head into the trenches to get to know your audience better through intuitively designed interactions and conversations.

work plan

Need and feature Analysis

This is where we hit the whiteboard, scribble, draw, map, play with notes, etc, to identify where your offering and the audience can possible meet, based on their unique user journeys and expectations.

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Product/Service Build Plan & Iterate!

It all comes together when the insights we derive inform your product strategy and help prioritize features and expected outcomes on the development roadmap, drive consistent user engagement and validate product market fit through iterations.

Human First Experiences

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